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Crumbles Sharing Platters

Our range of sharing platters are ideal if you are having an informal gathering or celebration. They make ideal choices if you want a relaxed feel to your wedding and they really allow your guests to get involved with the food, talk to eachother and create a buzz that you will never forget.

If you are looking for a more informal feel to your wedding or celebration, then our sharing platters are ideal. You can choose to have a 3 course version, or main and dessert. Platters are served direct to each table where your guests dive in and help themselves. A great way to get everyone talking with eachother. Email us for our menu choices and for more details.

Lamb cutletts and roasted vegetable platter with mint jelly and chinati gravy 

Jerk chicken with rice and beans with refreshing salad and chargrilled corn

Mustard chicken, dauphinoise potatoes and green veg

Morrocan lamb chops with flatbreads and dips, cous cous and stuffed peppers

Traditonal Spanish Tapas

"Thank you for suggesting the sharing platters for James' 21st. Everyone loved the idea and said what a wonderful atmosphere it created. Your team were fantastic". Mrs Grainger

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